Monthly Archives: February 2012

Investigating RollCaster’s Timing Issues

After finishing the desync fix I thought I had finally finished. Shortly after, a few Japanese guys tried it out and got back to me that the timing was unstable, causing the frame rate to jitter unnecessarily.

Sure, I thought, it can’t be that hard to fix.

This started a very long process which led me all over the codebase, analyzing every last part of the process involved in it, for over a month. I’m sure nearly everyone who put up with me begging for testing and putting out updates is sick of me by now!

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Investigating RollCaster’s Desyncs

So RollCaster has had a long-standing desync issue. This is a pretty minor thing as far as the Western player base is concerned, since the community don’t have a lot of players and it happens infrequently enough that it’s more a nuisance than anything else. They probably thought I was mad for attempting to fix it.

If I wasn’t before, I sure went mad trying!

I was moderately successful, and I’m not sure it’s even possible to be truly 100% on this one so I’m not going to worry about it too much. Instead I’ll discuss the origin, strategy used for finding it, the results, and a ridiculous case of coincidence that popped up.

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