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How I didn’t clip the sound effects.

As a certain recently released fighting game added rollbacks and then completely screwed up the ability to handle sound effects, I think now’s a good time to go over how RollCaster‘s sound engine works.

Before I get in on it, I want to get something out of the way though. This process is not in any way CPU intensive and anyone claiming this sort of thing would be hugely draining on a computer’s resources just so happens to be full of crap.

The case of doing this in a modern game that is being run directly on the native system is often somewhat different from the case of an emulator running an old game, so GGPO itself is not perfectly applicable here. Namely, you have to deal with the sound APIs instead of just saving the state of everything, which is a somewhat more complicated affair.

Alright! So, with that done, let’s phrase the problem here.

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